about me

We are a wedding photography studio located in Brisbane

The sunny state of Queensland, Australia.

Over the years,

our highly trained team of photographers and videographers has impressed many families with our artistic,  stylish, modem or traditional interpretations through the medium of moving or still images…….

Is that all?

No,of course not!

From an amateur to a professional photographer,

I have gone a long way of learning journey in my career. Not only the

knowledges, skills and experiences,

but also what really matters in our lives.

Can’t remember how many times I have seen the tears of happiness rolling down a bride’s face?

And an old farther choked with his sobs that unable to make his speech?

And the joys, joys of welcoming the little angel to the brand new world….

These moments of yours, the heartfelt moments, are the things that keeps me going everyday.

I feel blessed to be able to do this wonderful job to turn other’s unforgettable moments into precious memories.

“Travelers we are in this journey of memory

Aboard together we might and get off at different times

Still, memory lingers”

Life goes on, but memories last.

We are very proud to creat your memories and be a part of them.

–Kevin & Kelly