12 Nov

30th Anniversary

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How many decades can life be? Mr & Mrs. Huang took the wedding photos again for their 30th anniversary. Congratulation!!!!

17 Apr

Unexpected Journey

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“What the heck ….?” I went totally blank when I saw the bride on the wedding day. I clearly remembered she did not look this way when I met her in my studio 5months ago to discuss about her wedding. She was, literally, 5 months PREGNANT!
Take a deep breath, I tried to gather my thoughts together. All right as an experienced well trained photographer, I always had plan B…. The mode was quickly switched from wedding to maternity + wedding. Phew!
Who said the bump won’t fit into the wedding dress? Kelz looked as stunning as any other brides, on top of that, she had the maternal glory like an angel. Of course, a pair of converse had helped her gone through the day. Good on you, Kelz! We wish you and Jax all the best. — A day packed with unexpected surprises but it turned out to be a great experience.

15 Apr

NZ Wedding Day

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Finally we have arrived in Auckland after 3 hours of flight! This wedding was held in a winery. It was drizzling, just like today. But the rain didn’t stop their passion. Look at them! They must be well trained action actors, otherwise how could they make their moves so perfectly at the first attempt?